Atze Haytsma (b.1929, the Netherlands) is a sculptor, photographer and poet who has been an active artist for over seventy years. Regardless of medium, he remains fascinated by the female nude in its most natural form. During WWII, Haytsma became an assistant for sculptor and violin maker Geert Marree which consequently inspired Haytsma to become a sculptor himself. Marree’s wife was the first naked woman he saw, and Haytsma has been captivated ever since. After studying at the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Amsterdam (which would later become the Gerrit Rietveld Academy) Haytsma became an autonomous artist. Incidentally two of his most famous works as a sculptor he isn’t credited for; the statue of Cornelis Lely on the Afsluitdijk and Het Lieverdje on the Spui square in Amsterdam. Through his work with sculpture, he has worked with the likes of Bill Couzijn, Carel Kneulman, Marie Andriesse amongst many other artists.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2012 Solo show, The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Nico Brons en Atze Haytsma, Foto Expo 202, Amersfoort, NL