Philippe Braquenier (b. 1985, Belgium) is fascinated by knowledge; intrigued by how it is collected, used, shared and stored. 

Manifesting these ideas in photographs that depict the ethereal data centres where humanity’s information is stored, or through images of exposed but unrevealed photographic film, Braquenier’s work prompts a discourse about our obsession to preserve information in a time when data is becoming ever more omnipresent, yet all the more unseen. With his restrained and impassive perspective, Braquenier then connects these ideas to those on a much larger scale, of evolution, sustainability and the precarious character of the digital revolution.

He received his BFA in photography from the HELB and has exhibited in Aperture Foundation in New York, The Venice Biennale 2018 and Foto Museum Antwerpen (FOMU) among other institutions and galleries. His work has recently been published in Wired, Wall Street International, Wallpaper, and BLOW Magazine.