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The gallery is closed for the summer till September 20, 2023





The Ravestijn Gallery, founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by Jasper Bode and Narda van 't Veer, is a leading photography expert, dedicated to showcasing the best in contemporary photography. Renowned for their inquisitive and provocative approaches, the gallery has firmly established itself as a vital platform within the art world.


The gallery exhibits groundbreaking international works, pushing the boundaries of photography with multiple exhibitions each year. The gallery also houses an extensive collection of twentieth-century and contemporary photography, preserving the art form's rich history while embracing cutting-edge innovations. 


The evolving nature of photography is a central focus for The Ravestijn Gallery. The medium has expanded beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating diverse approaches and techniques. The gallery embraces this diversity, celebrating the innovation within photography.


By championing the evolution of photography and supporting boundary-pushing artists, The Ravestijn Gallery shapes the discourse around contemporary lens-based art. Bode and van 't Veer have transformed the gallery into a vital hub, fostering exploration, provocation, and appreciation of photography in all its forms.


The Ravestijn Gallery can source and negotiate works from non affiliated artists and galleries  to private collectors of photography internationally. `For more information please contact the gallery.



100% art – 0% interest

Should you be intrigued by an artwork the Mondriaan Fund KunstKoop (BuyArt) program can be of assistance in acquiring it. You pay the whole amount in installments and the Mondriaan Fund carries the interest. More than 120 galleries in the Netherlands participate in this program. Galleries are selected by the Mondriaan Fund according to their professionalism and the quality of their presentation program.

The Mondriaan Fund is a publicly financed fund for visual art and cultural heritage. With the KunstKoop we hope to reinforce the private art market and to encourage the purchase of contemporary art.

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Since 2021, the Fair Practice Code has been a standing requirement for that part of the cultural sector supported with public funds. The Mondriaan Fund contributes to the gallery sector in various ways. The Fund therefore finds it important that the principles of the Fair Practice Code are also self-evident in the gallery sector. As of 1 July 2023, the Gallery Fair Practice Code will be a fixed condition for galleries wishing to offer the KunstKoop or receive a contribution for an art fair abroad. For them the following applies; apply and explain. The Ravestijn Gallery agrees and subscribes to this code.


1.    The gallery concerned records the relationship between gallery and artist in writing, including agreements on the duration of the agreement, prices and any discounts. Other possible topics to record in this document are: monitoring and evaluation of the agreements, targets of both parties (e.g., in terms of visibility abroad), the relationship with a second gallery, agreements on the settlement of possible discounts, on commissions from third parties, or the settlement of other costs such as transportation, photography, insurance or exhibition construction. For model contracts see the NGA website.
2.    The artist remains the owner of his/her work until full payment to the gallery, with the exception of secondary trade. This also applies in case of bankruptcy and/or seizure of the gallery.
3.    The gallery will pay the artist the full artist's share of the sale price agreed with the customer within 60 days of the sale of his/her work, with the name and address of the buyer, and a copy of the invoice.
4.    Unsold works of art in the gallery's care must be returned to the artist at any time and within one month if requested.
5.    The relationship between galleries may be one of competition and rivalry, but should be loyal in all respects to the interests of the artist concerned, in the event that several galleries represent the same artist. In the event that a gallery works exclusively with an artist, thus acting as a "parent gallery" for this artist, and another gallery wishes to organize an exhibition with this artist, the parties involved should make written agreements on the conditions under which an exhibition can take place (see appendix for an NGA sample contract).
6.    The gallery is expected to be competent and professional and to maintain this competence and professionalism.
7.    The gallery vouches for the authenticity of the work it sells. In the event that it is determined that a work is spurious in the opinion of a recognized independent party, the gallery owner will take back the work and refund the amount the client paid for it.
8.    A gallery shall state on its website the objectives, program, methods of operation and artist roster of that gallery.
9.    A gallery is expected in its dealings to follow the Fair Practice code (, which, among other things, provides a safeguard against transgressive behavior within the gallery or outside.