'Making of Black Power Salute' (2017) by Cortis & Sonderegger

Chris Allnutt, Financial Times, February 6, 2021


'Making of Black Power Salute' (2017) by Cortis & Sonderegger


How unique is a moment captured on film? For the Switzerland-based artists Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger, even history's most famous photographs can be staged in miniature and reproduced - without resorting to Photoshop.

Since 2012, the pair have been constructing diorama'sbased on iconic images - the last chopper out of Saigon, say, or Tommie Smith and John Carlos' black power salute at the 1968 Olympics - before pulling back the camera to reveal the wholescene in their Zurich studio.


By leaving tools, lighting and props in shot, the images end up crisscrossing past and present , fact and fiction. They are both captivating in their own right and a reminder not to take any image for granted.


'Cortis & Sonderegger' is showing at The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam, to April 10 (by appointment only); see the virtual show at theravestijngallery.com