Perspective Podcast

Cécile Lombardie, Perspective Podcast, November 26, 2020

Perspective is a podcast created by Cécile Lombardie and dedicated to the exploration of the esthetics and semantics of the photographic medium. British Artist Patrick Waterhouse and gallerist Jasper Bode from The Ravestijn Gallery talk about "Restricted Images".  

It's with great pleasure that the Perspective podcast releases its first episode in English: a conversation with British artist Patrick Waterhouse and Dutch gallerist Jasper Bode about "Restricted Images", the series they will be presenting at salon Approche.


By questioning the contradictions in the construction of History, Patrick Waterhouse engages in a revision process of the colonial representations of the Warlpiri, communities living in Central Australia.


These indigenous Australians first came to the attention of a European audience with the publication in 1899 of a book that became a pioneer in the anthropology and ethnography field: The Native Tribes of Central Australia. At that time, both the authors and wider society were oblivious to the invasion of privacy these images inflicted upon them, infringing upon their cultural beliefs. 


In order to symbolically return to these communities agency over their own images, Patrick Waterhouse collaborated with Warlpiri artists and invited them to add to the surfaces of the images using the traditional technique of dot painting. 


To discuss the work of an artist that shifts the role of those who made History by an intense collaborative approach to the photographic process, you will also hear Jasper Bode, cofounder of The Ravestijn Gallery (photo gallery Amsterdam, NL), a gallery that focuses on inquisitive and provocative approaches to contemporary photography. 


The Ravestijn Gallery| photo gallery amsterdam


Established in 2012 in Amsterdam by Jasper Bode and Narda Van ‘t Veer,  is one of the leading photography galleries in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a focus on inquisitive and provocative approaches to contemporary photography. 


Bode and Van ‘t Veer respectively bring together several decades of experience curating photography exhibitions and representing a diverse group of photographic talents in the Netherlands and abroad.


If you would like to see the show in private please don't hesitate to make an appointment. We are happy to show you around.


T: +31 (0)20-5306005