Podcast | Michel Lamoller: Layering reality to transform our perception

'Anthropogenic Mass'

Michel Lamoller was interviewed by The Weird Show about his unique way of work. Lamoller is a Berlin based German artist. His work can be described as three dimensional collage.

After growing up with an amateur photographer parent, having the chance to be an intern at Magnum in New York City and going to art school in Hamburg, experimentation and the search for his own artistic voice led Michel to discover how to work with layered images to construct pieces that are located in the imaginary crossroad where photography, sculpture, installations and collage meet.


To balance the technical nature of photography, Michel developed a material-based process that allows him to improvise and create always leaving room for the unexpected.


Michel is one of those artists who defy the limits of the medium they work with and that is why his work is as difficult to classify as it is fascinating.

June 27, 2022
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