The Story Behind

Alinka Echeverría

On October 8th 2020, the MAST Foundation presented the exhibition showcasing the work of the sixth edition finalists of the MAST Photography Grant on Industry and Work, won by Alinka Echeverría. 

MAST Photography Grant on Industry and Work 2020 | La mostra / The exhibition from Fondazione MAST on Vimeo.




In the three-part installation work Apparent Femininity, Alinka Echeverría looks back  at  the  role  of  women  in  the  history  of  cinema  and  computer programming, in order to look forward at the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Grace, named after the paradigm-breaking Grace Hopper, is an animation derived from a Berenice Abbott photograph (from the MAST collection) of an anonymous female programmer at work. Presented as an LED curtain, it is accompanied by a music created by the inventor of graphical sound, Daphne Oram.

Hélène, is an installation of glass plate negatives showing solarized images of the hands of female editors.


In Ada the artist pays homage to Ada Lovelace, the mathematician defined by many as the first programmer in history. Through a mosaic of digital collages she reactivates archival imagery and explores the biographies of such pioneers in juxtaposition with women left unnamed, weaved together with archetypal notions of femininity.



March 31, 2021
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