Eva Stenram - National Center Photography Taipei (TW)

March 25 - July 11, 2021

For the inauguration of the first national museum in Taiwan – edicated to the research, collecting, display and promotion of video art – Eva Stenram will be opening the seventh edition of A Handful of Dust, curated by David Campany.

The show features David Campany’s speculative history of the last century, and a visual journey through some of the most unlikely imagery. The connections range far and wide, from aerial reconnaisance and the American dustbowl to Mussolini’s final car journey and the wars in Iraq.

The show includes Eva Stenram’s Per Pulverem Ad Astra (2007), in which Eva has combined Nasa-generated images of Mars downloaded from the Internet, which she then converted to 35mm negatives. Afterward, the negatives were left wandering through her appartement to gather dust and hairs, creating a group of images of unfamiliar landscapes dotted with indistinguishable shapes. The abstract dust and hair pieces sometimes resulted in shapes that look just like clouds or explosions. All of the photographs are unique, and are truly brilliant in colour.

March 12, 2021
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