Eva Stenram - Track & Trace Festival (BE)

March 13 - April 25, 2021

The city of Kortijk invites you to the Track & Trace photography festival, with performances by Eva Stenram, Bieke Bepoorter, Alexey Shlynk & Ben van den Berghe,  Chloe Rosser and many more.

In the digital era we live in, we are getting targeted with an enormous amount of visuals every day, both off- and online. This so-called continuous stream of imagery puts an even higher value on images and videos. It changes the way we think about things, our thinking is being manipulated by new technologies, language of imagery and algorithms. Following and getting followed is the new normal, and even more important than ever before.

For the new photography festival “Track-&-Trace” in Kortrijk (BE), Museum Texture invited 13 artists. For whom the main source of inspiration comes from the concept of track-&-trace-systems, in which identification, communication and registration act as the pillars of the system. The exhibition analyses and reflects on the matters. Moreover, the exhibition researches how today’s photographers deal with the extraordinary amount of stimuli we’re getting fired at us daily.

For the group exhibition Eva Stenram exhibits the series ‘Daydreams are nicer than T.V.’ (2015), at Museum Texture. The festival runs from March 13th to April 25th 2021. You can reserve a spot through the following link: https://ticketshop.kortrijk.be/Exhibitions/Overview.

March 12, 2021
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